August 6, 2010

Tell Me Your Biggest Challenges

What you may not know is that in the past year I have become a hypnotherapist. My interest in hypnotherapy started with childbirth, but now I see how it can benefit literally every field. And so I have decided to put together a hypno-writing class. What that means is that in addition to the regular writing instruction and all that jazz, it would also include hypnosis. I have found hypnotherapy to be one of the most effective modalities for making behavioral changes. For example, increasing motivation, habit control, blocking negativity, and yes, getting into "flow" quickly. Flow is basically as hypnotic state. Hypnotherapy can also be used to deal with emotional issues that come up, especially when writing a memoir and facing the past. Hypnotherapy can heal your inner child, vent out negative beliefs, reduce anxiety, eliminate fears and phobias and much more.

So that's where those muses frolic.

So, what I want to know from you is what are your biggest challenges as writers or would be memoirists? I would like to know what issues are most common so that when I make the hypnosis tracks to go along with the class, I know what will be most useful. Feel free to just freewrite and vent them all in the comments. Or send me a private email. I look forward to hearing from you.