December 15, 2010

Get Feedback on Your Contest Entry Before You Enter

Want to win the Memoirs Ink Writing Contest?

For the first time ever, get feedback from contest judges on your entry BEFORE you submit it.

Two of our previous writing contest judges thought this might be a good idea. Based on the overwhelming response to our post-contest feedback (we had to turn people away because of limited space) we thought they might be on to something. After all, part of our mission is to help writers grow and prosper and win. So if you think this might be helpful to you, here is all of the information.

Two of our previous judges (Jaela Austen and Christina Tanios) have agreed to give feedback on intended entries for the upcoming Half-Yearly Contest (guidelines here:

Feedback will include a detailed critique of your story including:
1. Strengths - what makes the judges smile, laugh, cry, etc.
2. Weaknesses - what makes judges roll their eyes
3. Suggestions for tightening
4. Other suggestions for improvement and keeping it out of the "NO" pile.

* Feedback is for personal essays, memoirs, and creative nonfiction. less than 1500 words (per half-yearly contest guidelines).

* Essays can be emailed, and responses will also be emailed. (No postage and handling this time. Yay!)

* Price $50. Pay Online Now. Or mail a check to: Memoirs Ink, 10866 Washington Blvd., Suite #518, Culver City, CA 90232. (If you are mailing a check, Please indicate in your email.) Did I mention that if you pay for feedback, you receive $10 off the contest entry fee when you submit your revised story?

* Email your story or questions about this offer to:

Send your story now and receive feedback by January 1, 2011. You then have 6 weeks to revise and submit your story by the contest deadline of February 15, 2011. Start the New Year right--writing and submitting.

This the first time we have done pre-contest feedback and we may or may not do it again depending on the response, so take advantage now. Each judge has agreed to review only 20 stories, so space is limited. If you'd like to participate, please pay and submit your story as soon as possible.

December 3, 2010

Winners of 2010 Annual Contest Announced

The winners for the 2010 Annual contest are:

Grief by Tara Cowie (New York, NY)

Frankenvag by Erin Hart (Vancouver, Canada)

Surviving Black Holes by Kaitlin Legg (Fairport, NY)

To read the winners please visit