March 8, 2010

The Sorting Hat

We have taken a break from blogging for a few weeks because we were trying to keep up with the avalanche of contest entries. Okay. It is not an avalanche. It is a small hill that my dog could ski down. I haven't counted, but there are few hundred entries from all over the world and we are hoping to find three excellent ones that make us shout YES! in a sort of orgasmic way. We'll see. I am not actually a judge, but I have been a first reader before and I always I end up being very involved in the process. We haven't chosen the final judge yet. I think because we have been busy, but it will probably be someone fabulous. If you know or are someone fabulous and didn't enter and want to apply, please hit me up on email.

For now, I am trying to deal with the small number this time (in previous years it was quite large) of people who did not send all the right things in with their entries. Some didn't send an entry form. Some didn't send a check or proof of payment. One person sent us a check for $100 payable to his neighbor. The neighbor later sent us a check for $15 and asked us to return the check to him. Funny stuff. We don't take it personally. It's stressful to submit to a contest. We know. But some things go beyond the pale. One year I had a woman send us cash for the entry fee--I think it was $20--and then ask for $5 change to be sent back to her. Really? Okay I can humor that, but she didn't even include a SASE. And she lived in Canada. I don't remember what I ended up doing.

But regardless of these blunders, it doesn't prejudice anyone in the contest. I have know idea who it was. His or her story just went into the pile with the others, with no name on it.

I do have to say that I enjoy reading the titles though as I sort through them. Some make me very curious. Like "Rammed in the Rear" and "The Chihuahua from Hell" just to name a couple.

I also enjoy reading how people heard about the contest. It lets me know how information travels from one person to the next, from one site to the next. I feel very connected to everyone in the whole world through a sort of clay and toothpick model. I suppose that two degrees of separation is really possible.

I can't wait to give an update in a few weeks. From all of us, we'd like to say thanks for all your patience and trust with your personal stories.


  1. Jill, you just made me laugh out loud. Literally. You're funny and you don't even know it.

  2. I enjoyed your little stories of the foibles and idiosyncrasies and, well, the humanness of people.