July 29, 2010

Time Travel--You Wouldn't Believe It Anyway

Raise your hand if you think about time travel?

I used to think about time travel a lot. Mostly for fun. But then I read Einstein. And I learned that time is actually space. And space is not linear. Space can warp and bend and fold back on itself.

So if time is not linear, what really holds us back from time travel?

From my current point of view as a hypnotherapist, I believe it is our minds.

For example, if you had come to me 5 years ago and said, "Hey, check out my time machine. Get in. I'll show your life a year from now." And you had shown me--my mind never would have accepted what it saw.

After years of interviewing people about their life stories, I know that this applies to most everyone. Things almost never turn out how we think they will. How many times have you said to yourself, "If you had told me a year ago I'd be here or doing this [wherever that is] now, I would never have believed you."

So maybe we can and do time travel all the time, but our minds protect us from what we see. And maybe at times there is leakage, in dreams. That's why some people are more psychic than others--more leakage--or more openness to the unknown.

What has happened in your life that you never would have thought possible 10 years ago?

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