January 11, 2011


I have been getting quite a few questions about our upcoming writing class. Here are the answers:

  • It is a personal essay class.

  • You can expect to do writing assignments, read essays and critique them, and have brilliant discussions over tea.

  • Fiction writers and screen writers are welcome. All writing comes from personal experience so it should help your craft, regardless what your favorite genre.
  • Yes you can get (most of) your money back after the first class if you don't like it or think it is weird.
  • No you will not bark like a dog.
  • Hypnosis is a natural state--nothing like a stage hypnosis show. What Ms. Austin will be doing is actually called Therapeutic Imagery. Which means you use your imagination. Imagine that! You should be good at it by now. It's actually quite fun and relaxing and has dramatically changed my life. But that is for another post.

Please direct any other questions to me or Ms. Austin.

Happy Writing!

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