March 30, 2011

Random Scraps of Paper

Do you ever open your notebook and wonder what the heck you were thinking? Just now, I was trying to find a file on my computer and realized that it was probably not in there yet, since I only just transferred it from my brain to paper. I looked through a small stack of stuff on my desk. In it were different sized papers, a colored drawing from my daughter, several blue post-its, a few receipts and $10 off card to Victoria's Secret. The stack is starting to sound large. I promise it is only medium-ish. Anyway, in the sorting I came to a piece of paper with a list in thick sharpie and this is what it said at the bottom of the list--(the part that was sticking out):

Salmon Rushdie (underlined)
Aaron Smith

I have no idea why Salmon Rushdie's name is on a list with a friend I haven't spoken to in ages and another friend I talk to every other day. It is definitely not a jihad list.

I don't even dare tell you what I sometimes find in my notebook. Instead, I'll tell you about someone else. The other day a friend brought me her husband's scratch pad the other day and this is a list I found in it:

Pontiacs are blue.
Gold is a precious metal.
Bob is a nice guy.
I don't like swordfish.
Latin America?

Classic stuff. He works in finance. Not even a writer.

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