November 5, 2009

Cat Memoirs?

A week or two ago, I told a friend that Memoirs Ink is now writing Child Memoirs. I actually called them Kiddie Memoirs, and she thought I said Kitty Memoirs. Ha! I laughed and laughed, and then I stopped and thought, "Could I?"

"You never know with people in L.A." she said, as if reading my thoughts. I shook my head. There aren't many animals about which you could entice me to write a serious memoir--except maybe this one:

Did you know that Hello Kitty is 35 this year? I only know this because I just (today) went to the Hello Kitty exhibit and art show at the Royal T in Culver City. I have never seen so much Hello Kitty stuff in my life. And the art She has inspired was quite magnificent, from gothic looking sculptures to Hello Kitty Elvis painted on velvet. It was already sold. Damn. I'm sure they have an on-staff historian, but it would be a fun memoir.


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