November 24, 2009


Felice wants me to blog. Thinks it will be a good outlet for me. Ugh. I can't fault her for pushing me to trust in my creative side at little more. That's what she does with everyone. But I am much more of a bookworm than I am writer. She says "no pressure, just freewrite," but I am not about to post the uncensored wanderings of my Scorpio brain. If you didn't know, Scorpios tend to be morbid, at least in their thoughts. Luckily I'm tempered with a much more mellow rising sigh. Whew.

Astrology was not what I set out to write about though, it is about energy. Felice and Christina have been working on this book proposal for about--well for about a year it has been theoretical, but they have finally be cranking on it for about a month. It's fun to see them work. I have worked with Felice for a long time, but Christina has only been around for a year. Honestly, I didn't expect her to last long. I've seen interns come and go. Most of them go because Felice inspires them to follow their true passion which eventually leads them elsewhere... (I still miss you Emily!) It took a while for me to crack the mystery that is Christina, but I now love her.

But anyway, here is a little description of what it looks like, from my perspective. Felice is a crazy cyclone of energy at times. She has a million ideas a day and sometimes I joke that my job is to help her sort the good ones from the dumb ones. (So that makes me the genius, right?) Then there is Christina, who runs her fingers slowly through her long, thick, black hair and sometimes takes longer than the normal conversational pause to respond. I used to think that she wasn't listening. But no. Wait for it. She is just processing perhaps on a much different level of consciousness than I am. So to see them working together is funny to me. To see them under that kind of extreme sort of concentration--that is what I like to watch. Every now and then, they will run something by me and then mid-sentence they will stop and go back to mumbling or pacing around or laughing. Incidentally, Christina has a laugh that is sort of an event. My grandmother used to have a laugh like that. It made everyone else join in but at the same time stare in awe, wondering if she might die.

I just nod and try to keep things running while they neglect everything else around here.

Oh, and she wants me to post a picture, because people are totally visual. So here is a picture of my dog Ralls. He likes Jane Austen movies.


  1. Ha! Jill I don't think I knew you were a Scorpio when I hired you. I would have definitely thought twice about it...

  2. Btw, my hair is not black. Just thought I'd point that out to my co work of about a year. Yeah.