November 9, 2009

Tell Me a Story - More Please

This weekend I went to a book launch party for the 3rd Tell Me a Story collection. Tell Me a Story started out as a children's newspaper column for a small paper in Ontario Canada. It is now syndicated and appears in over 150 newspapers around the country featuring multicultural myths and folktales from around the world. After 15 years of writing this column, Amy Friedman, the writer, got the bright idea that she should produce them into audiobooks. She has engaged some of the stage and screen's best actors to read them, and the music (by Laura Hall - Whose Line is it Anyway?) is amazing. They are truly magical. They have all won Parent's Choice awards as well as NAPPA Gold awards. And let me tell you, they deserved them. If you have kids age 5+, these CDs are like crack. They can't stop listening, and neither could I. (Long car ride heaven.) And I have a low tolerance for most things in CD format aimed at kids (Eeeek!). But I found myself being moved and healed and transformed while listening.

But besides the entertainment value, if you (or your kids) want to learn a thing or two about storytelling, you should listen to great storytelling. And this is it.

I think you can buy all three for a discount on CD Baby. You can also download them. Do it. I get nothing for saying this by the way. I'm just a huge fan.

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